We teach absolute beginners to those who have mastered Mandarin.

Develop listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing in this course.

Participation in this course ensures that you will develop a holistic understanding of Chinese language and culture.

General Mandarin

Kids are great learners; especially at ages 3-9. Our experienced teachers provide students with teaching in all four main areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This course helps children learn Chinese via playing games, video and songs, discussing fun topics

Kids Mandarin

One of  the most beautiful forms of writing in the world, originating from China that has been practiced for thousands of years. The emphasis on the dynamics of motion as the brush meets the surface is what separates calligraphy from other forms of lettering. Through the course you will learn about:

  • History of calligraphy

  • Tools used in creating calligraphy

  • Correct strokes and stroke ordering

  • How energy and motion are used

  • Creating calligraphy yourself

Chinese Calligraphy

Studying for your HSK test?

Frontiers will equip you with the necessary skills for your test. We provide scientific and effective tutorials, good preparation skills, and training to help you perform your best and get the score you want.

HSK Preparation

Teenager Mandarin is flexible and can be modified to fit the unique abilities and goals of each student. This course will give teenagers a great start on their journey to fluency. Courses are interactive and fun with teachers presenting material in a variety of mediums including books, video and songs. Teenagers tend to absorb new languages much faster than adults.

Teenagers Mandarin:     

Tailor-made for the individual learner. Through the course you could learn about common used terms in your industry, latest news or regulations about your industry.

Customised Course

Are you are a business professional? Do you need to focus on the essential language used in the business world, common Chinese business practices and  an introduction to the Chinese business culture.

  • Learn how to facilitate better communication between yourself and Chinese-speaking colleagues and customers.

  • Gain a better understanding of Chinese business culture and specific commonly used business vocabulary.

  • Advance your career and expand your influence by learning to communicate with a large and fast growing economy.

Business Mandarin

One of the oldest continuing artistic traditions in the world. Both exquisite and straightforward, Chinese paintings present a simple beauty that can be mystifying. Like calligraphy, this art form also emphasizes motion, communicated in each stroke of color. You will get the chance to create a painting and also learn about:

  • Different styles of paintings through the    dynasties

  • Famous artists and their contributions

  • How the dynamics of motion become evident

Chinese Painting


1 on 1

Mini Group

(2 people)

Large Group

(3-6 people)

  • General Spoken Mandarin Level 1-6

  • HSK Preparation Level 1-6

  • Business Mandarin

  • Customized Courses

  • Kids' Mandarin

  • Taichi
  • Calligraphy

  • Cooking

  • Painting

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