Key words today: 的 地 得 de

的(de),地(de),得(de) are very important words in Chinese sentence.

Even though they don't have actual meaning themselves, they play a very important role in a sentence structure.

A lot of people are not able to use them correctly, so today we are going to show you the difference between them and how to use them respectively.

As you can see, this character consists of 白(bái) and 勺(sháo), and we often call it 白勺“的”(bái sháo "de")

★★★ Usage: 的 is used BEFORE NOUN


To describe this noun

xìng fú de shēng huó

1) 幸 福 的 生 活

(happy life; life with happiness)

tiě de jì lǜ

2) 铁 的 纪 律

(strict discipline)

hóng sè de xiān huā

3) 红 色 的 鲜 花

(red flower)


To show who or what something belongs to

wǒ de qiān bǐ

1) 我 的 铅 笔

(my pencil)

tā men de péng you

2) 他 们 的 朋 友

(their friend or their friends)

dà lóu de chū kǒu

3) 大 楼 的 出 口

(the building's exit)

地 consists of 土(tǔ) and 也(yě) and we call it 土也“地”(tǔ yè "de")

★★★ Usage: 地 is used BEFORE VERB

To describe the action

màn màn de zǒu, bié zháo jí

1) 慢 慢 地 走, 别 着 急

(Go slowly. Don't be in a rush)

dà shēng de dú, wǒ tīng bú dào

2) 大 声 地 读, 我 听 不 到

(Please read loudly. I can't hear you)

nǐ yào zhuān xīn de shàng kè

3) 你 要 专 心 地 上 课

(You should concentrate on classes)

The radical on the left of 得 is called 双人旁(shuāng rén páng) which means two people, so we call 得 as 双人"得"(shuāng rén "de")

★★★ Usage: 得 is used AFTER VERB



To indicate the result or level of an action or skill

fáng jiān dǎ sǎo de zhēn gān jìng

1) 房 间 打 扫 得 真 干 净

(The room got clean up)

tā xué de tè bié kuài

2) 他 学 得 特 别 快

(He learns very quickly)

nǐ zhōng wén shuō de hěn liú lì

3) 你 中 文 说 得 很 流 利

(You speak very fluent Chinese)


verb+得+complement or result

To show the possibility

zhè me duō cài, nǐ chī de wán ma?

1) 这 么 多 菜,你 吃 得 完 吗?

(Is it possible for you to eat all these dishes?)

zhè ge diàn nǎo xiū de hǎo, fàng xīn

2) 这 个 电 脑 修 得 好, 放 心

(The computer can be fixed well, don't worry)

zhè ge zì xiě de duì ma?

3) 这 个 字 写 得 对 吗?

(Is the character correct?)

Hope you learn something from here today!

See you next time!

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